4 Lakh Scholarships to Girl Prodigies in the field of Arts 2021-22


Scholarships for young girl artists in India are intended to ensure improved education and employment prospects for females who are still lagging behind their male counterparts in many socioeconomic categories. Nonetheless, given the chance, women can compete with males in both professional and academic arenas. Here’s where women-specific scholarships come in, encouraging them to overcome financial barriers and pursue academic and career goals. Many government and commercial organisations in disciplines like science and research, management, aviation, hospitality, and defence have recently begun to provide women scholarships and fellowships in order to encourage the better half of the population to pursue academic chances. Some of these Art Scholarships 2022 programmes for girls include Born to Shine Scholarship programme from Zee Born to Shine website, Santoor Women’s Scholarship and Fair and Lovely Foundation Scholarship.

Art isn’t merely a passing interest. For creative pupils, it’s a preoccupation that may lead to a rewarding profession. Let us forget about finger painting and paper dolls, if you want to earn a life as an artist, you’ll need genuine skill, a distinct voice, and the ability to show your enthusiasm in each piece for your chosen media. Is this something you’re already doing? Then you’re already well on your way to a prosperous future doing something you enjoy. It’s not a bad idea to acquire some cash assistance to help you out. Art Scholarships 2022 cover a wide range of disciplines including drawing, painting, photography, and design, as well as culinary, musical, and literary art. In addition to the art major or art interest/ability criteria, many art scholarships are exclusive to a certain state, country, or even a particular college.

About Born to Shine Scholarship Programme

Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited’s CSR initiative, Born to Shine, provides scholarships to young female prodigies across India. If you think you (or a youngster you know) have what it takes to be India’s next prodigy, this is your opportunity.

The scholarship is designed to inspire and empower young women to pursue careers in the arts. The project aims to assist young prodigies attain their fullest potential by providing them with the necessary platform, training, and mentorship.

The reward is a four-lakh-rupee scholarship divided over three years.

Prodigies will have access to all they need to be successful artists thanks to this scholarship from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited and Give India.

Government Scholarships

The CCRT, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is accepting online applications for scholarships from young artists with exceptional promise in Indian Classical Music, Indian Classical Dances, Light Classical Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Folk, Traditional, and Indigenous Arts.


Subjects/Fields in which Scholarships can be awarded

  • Indian Classical Music
  • Classical Hindustani Music (Vocal and Instrumental) Classical Carnatic Music (Vocal & Instrumental etc.)
  • Indian Classical Dance/ Dance Music
  • Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Odissi Dance/ Music, Manipuri Dance/ Music, Thangta, Gaudiya Nritya, Chhau Dance/ Music, Sattriya dance.
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Graphics, Sculpture, Painting, Creative Photography, Pottery & Ceramics, etc.
  • Light Classical Music
    • Thumri, Dadra, Tappa, Qawali, Ghazal,
    • Light Classical music based on Carnatic Style, etc.
    • Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Atulprasad.


Education has become one of the most valuable and expensive things in today’s society. The majority of high school graduates seek financial help to pursue a career that involves many years of education. Art Scholarships emerge as the most preferred kind of financial help in this situation. This is because, unlike school loans, scholarships do not require repayment. If you are deserving, you may be eligible for merit-based scholarships. This elevates Art Scholarships 2022 to a higher level of prestige while also covering the cost of your education. If you have the skills, you should absolutely apply for scholarships. After all, obtaining a scholarship has a number of advantages.

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