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1. Can candidates over the age of 15 apply?
No. Our effort is to find, nurture and shape young prodigies (under the age of 15), as they may not have the resources to realise their full potential.
2. Can boys apply for the Born to Shine scholarship?
At present, the Born to Shine Scholarship is only for girl prodigies.
3. Are applications limited to any state or city?
No. We’re looking for young girl prodigies from all across India!
4. Is there any language restriction?
Not at all! We’re open to your talent, no matter what language you speak! Which is why, you can even fill out our Registration Form in a language of your choice.

Fill it in a language of your choice and send it to us at info@borntoshine.in

5. Are there any registration charges?
No. Applications are free! All you need is your talent and the will to shine!
6. I am a performer, but I am self-trained. Can I still apply?
Yes! There are no restrictions on the level of training or qualifications.
7. My art form is traditional. Can I apply for the scholarship?
Yes, absolutely! We’re looking for young girl prodigies, across any and all Indian artforms. So, feel free to apply and give us a glimpse of your talent.
8. How much is the scholarship worth?
Top 30 shortlisted candidates will receive a 3-year scholarship, worth ₹4 Lakhs. They will also receive guidance and nurturing from leading experts, while their stories will inspire the world!
9. Where will the final round be held?
The final Born To Shine event for top 30 candidates will be held in Mumbai and, the date and venue shall be announced later.
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