Who is a prodigy?

A person under the age of fifteen, who has achieved mastery to the level of an adult expert.

Their level of performance in their domain should be much higher than the average in their age group.

  • They should be recommended by Masters in their fields.
  • They must be able to create original compositions. Scores will be given basis the degree of originality.
  • They must be ready to represent their art form at National and International levels.
  • Their story should motivate and inspire other children to pursue Indian artforms.
  • They must have extensive knowledge about their art form, and its origins.

"How to sensitively deal with prodigies"

  • While the level of a prodigy's craft may match that of adults, we must always remember we're dealing with children.
  • We must not make them uncomfortable, or put undue pressure that can affect them emotionally.
  • We must be patient, encouraging, and helpful.

"Nurturing a prodigy"

  • Born To Shine is Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited's CSR initiative which offers scholarships to young female prodigies all over India. This is your moment to shine if you (or someone you know) have what it takes to be India's next prodigy.
  • The top 30 prodigies from across the country will get a chance to be mentored and trained for 3 years to nurture their chosen art form.
Born To Shine is a CSR initiative by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, to provide scholarships to young female prodigies all across India. If you (or someone you know) have the potential to become India’s next prodigy, here’s your chance.